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Success Stories

These are some of our awesome clients and their success stories. Each one of them is unique, just like you. Here are some of the ways we empowered their growth and what they have to say about working with DM Web.


AB Auto Driving and Traffic School


AB had been a leader in their industry for over 13 years but their growth stalled because of an overdependence on their workforce. The challenge was to create a dual-language portal to help them operate their business more efficiently. We needed to integrate class scheduling, online payments, custom pricing and a completely new approach to their sales. The site was also a great chance to showcase their offering, team, experience, certifications and free resources. A total overhaul of their business to compete in the digital age.


"DM made a difference by making an effort to understand our business, our customers and our service"

“We have been struggling with our website for years. We knew we were missing out on hundreds of potential clients by not having a proper digital presence. We had really bad experiences with other web companies before so we were hesitant. They helped us change the way we operate and sell completely and our numbers can really show a difference”

-  Harold Lopez, CEO

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Levinton Realty


The goal was creating a multi-language site with a seamless integration to the MLS database and bold imagery that renders perfectly on any device without compromising aesthetics or performance.


"Working with DM is always a pleasure"

“We just need to have an ida and they work it out with us until we have the perfect product. The site came out a thousand times better than i ever thought it could”

- Alejandro Levinton, Managing Partner


Sweet Liberty


The main challenge for the Sweet Liberty was to make a mark in an overly-competitive restaurant and bar market like Miami.  We created an ecosystem in which they could capture leads, nurture them and eventually convert them into clients. We consolidated and integrated all of their tools to make their processes simple and seamless
This is what we didi for Sweet Liberty


"DM helped us establish a strong digital presence since day 1"

When we opened Sweet Liberty we were taking a ton of risks... We wanted to revolutionize the drinking culture in Miami and to achieve that we needed a really strong footprint. DM helped us optimize our site, manage our online reputation and ran a hugely successful launch campaign that put us on the map for both locals and tourists.

- John Lermayer, Managing Partner Sweet Liberty

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The main challenge was creating an ecosystem that could take fütness from idea to proof of concept and then to market. This what we did for fütness:



When we first started working with the guys we just had an idea. They helped us through the entire process of building our brand, creating our digital assets and making it to market. DM helped us figure out exactly what we needed to make fütness into a real business. 

- Ramón J Jesurun, CEO fütness


RBL Supply Co


The goal was to create a fully responsive e-commerce site with automated sales, beautiful imagery and as many payment options as possible; all without compromising performance or experience.



"DM is not just our website team, they’re our partners! "

“They have been as committed and involved with the project as all of our team. We look forward to many, many years of achieving success together”

- Alberto Bustillo, Partner

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Twins and Martin


The challenge was to transform a very large pdf catalogue into an intuitive and sales-driven website with a simple navigation, very dynamic visuals and lead generation capabilities. We had to create the ultimate Trade Show selling tool and we did.


"This is an incredible tool for us, for our vendors and our clients"

"This first started as a simple digital catalogue and it evolved into exactly what we needed: a beautiful website that did the selling for us. Sharing the link to the site is much easier than emailing heavy pdfs and hoping clients could open them."

-  Tomás Levinton, Managing Partner




ONR revamped their brand and our challenge was to create a platform that was very easy to use, allowed users to purchase the service seamlessly and looked amazing.
This is what we did for Onr:



We sell technology solutions so it was a huge priority for us to run our sales and marketing using cutting edge tools. DM Web helped us shorten our sales funnel and automate our process so we can service hundreds of clients at the same time. Their  automation and inbound marketing solutions took our business to a completely new level.  

- Alan Gucovschi, Co-Founder & Managing Partner ONR

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SITT • Servicio de Ingeniería Tránsito y Tecnología


SITT manages government contracts so transparency is an absolute imperative in their communications. The requirement was to create a very powerful portal with all of SITT’s services, products, business areas, articles and company information. The first challenge was to present all the information in a dynamic, organized and engaging way for visitors and employees to easily consume. The second challenge was to set up a CMS and processes that allowed SITT to easily update the site every day.


"It’s become one of our main work tools and a big standard for the quality we expect from our team and our vendors."

“Working with government issued contracts requires extremely high levels of professionalism, knowledge and transparency. DM delivered those in their work and in the final website. This was a very ambitious project because of our budget, but it all came together thanks to the guys at DM who rolled up their sleeves and worked with our team to create the perfect platform.”

-  Simón Franco, CEO

Dia de Rock

Día de Rock Colombia


We were fortunate enough to be a part of the second edition (in a row!) of Día de Rock Colombia festival. The challenge was to create a beautiful site that showcased the festival, the participating bands and the sponsors.  Here's what we did for them:


"They've always had our back"

This is the second year we have made our website and email marketing campaigns with the DM Web team. They understand how to market and sell directly to fans; thanks to their efforts we were able to give the festival, the bands and the fans an awesome space to connect. They've always had our back.

- Carlos Leongomez, Managing Partner Sonora

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International Travel Marketing


ITM wanted to update their current look. They had the same website for over 8 years and clearly needed a site that represented them correctly today. The challenge was to transmit the premium values of the brand in a clean and elegant design..


"I’m proud to show off the site now"

“I feel like the company was immediately brought into the present. It was imperative for us to have a true reflection of our services and premium quality in our digital presence and thanks to DM we do now”

- Angelo Zaragovia, CEO


Legal Consultants and advisors


The challenge with this project was to create a modern look that reflected the managing partners whilst projecting the seriousness and professionalism expected in the industry. The objective was to leverage the firm’s service offering, client testimonials and blog to generate leads through the site.


"DM achieved IT perfectly"

“We wanted a modern site that was still very professional and inspired confidence. DM achieved that perfectly and got us really excited about blogging!”

- Andrés Zammata, Managing Partner

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El Toke • Salas de Ensayo


We designed and implemented the entire booking, lead generation and lead nurturing systems. This allowed El Toke to boost their retention rate and collect very valuable information from their clients and prospects.
This is what we did for El Toke:


"Running the business has been very easy"

"The way the DM Web team set up our system has made our operations very easy. The documentation they prepared for us has been the roadmap of our training program. But the best part has been the way we communicate with our clients, the e-mail marketing flows and scheduling systems have been life savers"  

- Jaime Valderrama, Managing Partner El Toke


Don Tetto


We're very lucky to work with, Don Tetto, one of the biggest rock bands in Colombia. The challenge with their website is to keep refreshing the site's design, content and functionality so they remain a digital pioneer. This one of our favorite projects! These are some of the things we've done with Don Tetto


"They helped us skip the middlemen and connect directly with our fans"

"The website looks amazing and it's also been a great platform for us to connect directly with the fans, no intrusions. The digital press kit was huge for us and it's helped us spread our reach incredibly. We want to keep moving forward with our digital efforts to get even closer to our fans."  

-  Diego Pulecio, Lead Singer, Don Tetto

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Aken Capital


The challenge was to present a comprehensive view of Aken’s services and portfolio as simple as possible. A single-scroll site with dynamic visuals, concisely written content and flawless performance on any device.


"Building the site helped us to establish our presence and also to understand our sales process a lot better."

"We weren’t really sure of what we needed when we started working on the project but DM quickly helped us figure out our goals and audience which made the final product evident and clear. "

-  Simón Franco, Partner




Promotional sites for apps are usually too vague or too heavy; the challenge here was to build a very clean site that clearly showcased all of the app’s features, benefits and potential uses. The look and feel had to reflect the app’s design and ease of use, a great example of functional beauty.


"DM did an amazing job and helped us consolidate what Segurapp is about (for both end users and insurance providers) in a simple, elegant site"

“In an age where everyone has app ideas and software going to the market it was important for us to have a strong and validating digital presence.”

-  Santiago Ospina, CEO

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PIV Ingeniería


PIV belongs to the same holding company as SITT. They both deal with very similar governmental contracts which warrants very careful execution. The challenge was to create a site that shared the general feel of the Holding company while still looking unique. The key: using a lot of custom imagery and movement without hurting performance.


"I’m really proud of this project and I absolutely love how the website looks"

“We knew we needed this informative site and really didn’t think much of how it could come out. After the first revision we got very excited and realized that compelling media, images and icons we could present all of the company’s info in a very appealing way.”

- Lina Contreras, Marketing Manager


Cinco Capital


The client needed a very simple site, with dual languages, a clean design and very fast performance. The challenge was to present all of the company’s vital information without resorting to heavy text blocks or too many sections. The solution was a sleek single scroll with dynamic imagery and a simple language toggler.


"We had so much information to translate into the site on our original sketches that we were planning for a 10-15 page site."

“We thought our website was going to be huge. DM helped us understand the content we actually needed to present and guided us all the way to the published site. I log on every single day, I just love it!”

-  Santiago Durán, Managing Partner

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These are just some of the companies we've had the pleasure of empowering.


ready to become our next success story?

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