5 Key Activities Marketing Automation Performs


One of the things we love to do is marketing, we’re really passionate about it, the problem is: we're a software company. So, how do you survive as a marketer in a developers’ ecosystem? Simple, you combine the best of both worlds. We already know that it's a mix of marketing and technology that's driving today’s online market. One of the best products of this perfect mix is marketing automation. 

What is Marketing Automation? 

According to Hubspot, Marketing Automation refers to "software that automates your marketing for you". Ok, sounds pretty cool, but what sort of things can I actually automate? Here's 5 very useful ones: 

  1. You can create follow up emails that are tirggered and sent if/when your customer reads a certain blog, downloads one of your guides or simply clicks on a "get a quote" button. This allows you to isolate a specific product or service offering and make sure that anyone who shows interested is contacted in a timely manner. 
  2. You can nurture your leads with relevant information about the product or service they are looking for. This is the best way to give some love to the customers who come to you today but are not ready to buy. You don't have to push them with invasive promotions and pricing. Let them take their time and set an automated email that goes out once a month with content related to their initial interest. 
  3. You can publish to social media whenever a new blog post is up. 
  4. Generate a steady flow of new and qualified needs. 
  5. Move your prospects through the buyer’s journey.  

These are all actions that you can automate to make your job as a marketer more effective. Remember that Marketing Automation doesn’t mean that your job isn’t relevant anymore, you need to pay close attention to these strategies, all campaigns should be built around the prospect, not the product or service you are trying to sell.

Another thing to take into consideration is what Marketing Automation is NOT for:

  • First, it isn't just a fancy name for email marketing, Marketing Automation takes into consideration all communication channels funneling the relevant information into your CRM.
  • Another misconception is that this is the way marketers use to send spam, the beauty of Marketing Automation is that it takes into consideration your costumers' actions, so people are not going to receive information that is not contextually relevant to them.
  • Like I stated before, Marketing Automation will not replace your job, and will not give you any results without effort. In order to get the desired results you have to make sure the right processes, people, data, content, and more are in line with a carefully designed marketing strategy.
  • And of course, Marketing Automation is not only for Marketing. Sales alignment with marketing will be much more easier when this information is shared, which will in the end, increase your revenue.

Have you used Marketing Automation? Is it generating the results you expected? 

Juan P DuranComment